No Bull Rehab, raises money to pay for at risk adoptable dogs to receive some one on one training and communication guidance. Giving our passionate community the opportunity to gift our training to dogs and rescues who need it most.

We work on basic skills, engagement and communication with these dogs and their handlers (fosters, volunteers, etc). These skills then help the dogs become more adoptable. It also supports the dogs transition from rescue to adoptive home. 

The first training session with a new adoptable family is on us (and they will be offered training at a discounted rate to ensure a smooth transition ). We love giving back to the Rescue organizations who are working so hard to Rescue and Advocate for our Dogs. 

Your gift starts a ripple effect of good energy and support for a dog who needs it.  

Dogs, We don't deserve them.

The least we can do is set them up for success.  

Please use the link below to gift training to either a rescue dog we are currently supporting (find the rescue name in the drop down menu) or choose the general fund to gift to a dog currently in training.  

** All monetary gifts for training are made to a for profit training company. These are NOT tax deductible donations. please email us with any questions.  

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