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"If you are looking for dog training, please do yourself a favor start with Sarah and Drew. I reached out to them when everything we tried with our dog reactive rescue girl, Abby,  wasn't working.  Really, contacting No Bull was the best decision I made for us and Abby. I was frustrated and filled with anxiety every time we walked Abby around the neighborhood. I wanted to cry each time she lunged at other dogs because I couldn't figure out how to help her. If you have a dog reactive dog, you know the frustration and feelings of helplessness, you have this amazing dog and nothing you're doing is working. They can help!
We did once a week training for 6 weeks and their process and explanation really helped us get to a great place. When things finally clicked I literally cried because I was so thankful for them and proud of Abby. Abby is truly such a pleasure to walk now. I walk her with no worries because they gave me and Abby the confidence and tools to work through her issues.
Since training, we've boarded Abby with them every time we've gone out of town. Drew and Sarah are truly ethical people, there is no one else I would trust with Abby."

Kathleen D and Abby 

I had the pleasure of working with Drew and Sarah over the summer while they trained my pittie Rocky and I on how to improve our relationship. Both Sarah and Drew were very knowledgeable and friendly and most importantly patient with both Rocky and I. As trainers, they took the time to correct bad and teach new behaviors to Rocky. They also corrected my behavior as well, and explained how it was a contributing factor to the dog & handler dynamic without  judgement and with tons of patience. I was thoroughly instructed on proper usage of the prong collar and e-collar techniques and taught how to apply pressure to guide my dog. We quickly learned how to relax and been in-tune with one another during our walks and although training is a lifelong lifestyle ( No bull rehab taught me that) it has quickly and easily become a part of our daily routine. Thank you No Bull Rehab.

Nancy C and Rocky 

When I adopted my puppy, I knew immediately that I wanted to work with Drew and Sarah. I had the opportunity to meet and work with both of them as a volunteer for a rescue. I’ve had two pit bulls in the past and I wish I had known them when I had my first pitbull. I’ve learned so much and Cruz is doing very well. He is a happy boy with a better educated and a much calmer pitbull parent! There is no one else I would trust with my Cruz! Thank you Drew and Sarah! You are the best!!

Carla S and Cruz

It is hard to put into words how Drew and Sarah taught us and empowered us in regards to our pup Lola. She is not the worst of dogs, but she is certainly not the easiest either. She has pretty extreme anxiety and sensitivity to sounds and sharp noises, as well as reactivity towards other dogs and tiny humans. She has a tendency to flee, pace, pant, panic when she is scared/nervous. We had her e-collar trained, but did not quite know how to use the tools effectively or consistently. It took me approximately 2 years of following Drew on instagram to finally pull the trigger and do a 3 week board and train. I almost had a heart attack dropping her off, and have never fully trusted anyone else to be able to understand and work with her up to this point (especially for that long!). After our 3 weeks were up, Drew and Sarah asked to keep her one more week since they felt like she was JUST starting to open up and they wanted to capitalize on that for another week. I am so grateful for that. Lola came home with some very strong responsiveness to us. We have, of course, still had challenging moments with her typical fearful reactions to sounds, but Kyle and I both feel so much more confident in managing it and communicating with her in a clear and consistent way that works better than anything we'd experienced or tried thus far in our 4 years of having her.
We continue to check in for support and guidance, which they have been readily available to provide. They earn 10 stars for knowledge, expertise, and results. We could not be happier with the experience. The only thing I would change is doing it 2 years ago and not waiting:)

Catherine S and Lola

My dog, Kaia, and I just finished up our last one-on-one session with Drew and Sarah. I can't say enough good things about the training we received. We both feel much more confident and I've learned ways to communicate with Kaia calmly and consistently. Best of all I know we can go out in the world and be safe and happy! I love their approach, not only do they train the dogs but also make sure the owner understands and can be successful!

Jennifer R and Kaia

I am so thankful I found Drew and Sarah! Not only have they helped me with all 3 of my dogs, they also helped me as an owner! They taught me how to communicate with my dogs and now they’re so much more well behaved. Pictured is all 3 of my dogs after a walk. Before training, I couldn’t even walk 1 dog on a calm and controlled walk, now I can walk all 3 at the same time! Thank you for everything, Drew and Sarah!

Jennifer L. and Bro, Mar & Jesse 

I absolutely love Sarah and Drew. They’re so kind and helpful. My dogs are much happier because of them!
We also use their training services for our rescue dogs before they go to their forever homes.
Super grateful for No Bull Rehab!

Mackenzie K and Dax, Lu & Bear

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