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About Us

We are No Bull Rehab.

Drew and Sarah.

Although we officially started October 1st 2018, under the name No Bull Rehab, we have been working together to save dogs for about 5 years. We have shaped our personal method of communication and balanced training around experience and continued education based around several methods of training. Separately we have been working with both animal and human behavior for over a decade.

Drew has been working most of his life on communicating with dogs. At first it was his own family dogs and then it was neighborhood dogs and then it was his first rescued pit bull. And then in a twist of fate and an attempt to do some volunteer work he found himself helping homeless dogs. Dogs who could not be handled by other volunteers or Directors, could be handled by Drew and they trusted him. The dogs showed him he had a future with them and that he would be doing some great things. He is doing great things.

He has since moved on from his day job as a radiology tech assistant at Kaiser, to now focusing full time on his passion and craft. He created No Bull Rehab to be able to help as many dogs as possible, his passion is the fuel for this vessel.

Sarah (aka me, Hi :) haha), although a lover of all dogs (and animals), I held more knowledge in the realm of animal behavior (and human behavior) than in actual training. When I met Drew we were able to put it all together, creating what we have today. I am a full time Adult Special Education Teacher. I have my BA in Child Development, my teaching credential in Moderate/Severe Special Education and my Masters in Special Education with an emphasis on Autism and Behavior.

How we met.

Drew was fostering a deaf Pit bull named DeVito when I, true crazy dog mom style, showed up to a new foster meeting in hopes of connecting with Drew and meeting DeVito. (Lily was my only dog at the time and DeVito would be my first rescue). Drew showed me that Lily was't as crazy as I had once thought (note: not AS crazy but still crazy haha) And I quickly adopted DeVito.

Soon after adopting DeVito, Drew and I realized that we were able to help adoptable dogs in a really valuable way. By giving them an understanding of communication and a calm state of mind and then most importantly supporting the adopters.

We still have a very special place in our heart for adoptable dogs, which is why we have our No Bull Rehab Foundation - Training Scholarship for adoptable dogs and their fosters with continued support for adopters. We are hoping to be able to offer these services monthly for adoptable dogs and their rescue/foster at partial charge or free of charge depending on how much money we've been able to raise.

Our primary focus is to work with owners in order to keep dogs in home and out of shelters.

We believe in the power of reliable communication. We are excited to show you how :)

Contact us today.

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