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Behaviorist State of Mind

Traditional family focused dog training was based off of obedience. How many dogs do you know who can sit quickly or pretty for a treat but still jump on you? How many dogs do you know who know their basic commands but they bark a lot or function on a high drive level? Thats because obedience alone does not address State of Mind.

Our Goal at No Bull Rehab, is to teach you how to guide your dog into a better, clearer, healthier state of mind. This results in both of you feeling better, as your communication becomes calmer and more reliable.

We can not live in a place of frustration. Nothing grows there. Learning doesn't happen there. We help owners find a neutral way to communicate with their dogs. We teach them how to support their dog, how to set them up for success as they pattern new behaviors and layer better coping skills.

Behaviors are learned by positive communication. They are sustained and maintained by utilizing all four quadrants of behavior. First we teach, then we hold them accountable to what we have taught them. This supports our dogs in trusting us to be truthful with them. Yes, that is acceptable behavior is just as important as the emotionless and concrete, No, thats not ok behavior.

Whether you're addressing a scared dog or an overly confident dog, our foundational learning starts the same, Impulse Control. Teaching our dogs to have "Inside voices" when they need to be calm and collected and then teaching them to let loose when they're outside and it's free time, is one of the greatest lessons a dog can learn.

Ask us questions if you have them. Refer a friend. Sign up for a free phone consultation. Let us know if you know a rescue or rescue dog in need.

Remote Video Sessions Now Available. #TogetherWeCan

Not all dogs need training, but they all deserve it.


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